Sian Roses is the producer of High Quality Roses (Cut Flowers) and Calla Lilies in Kenya.



As part of our corporate conscience we in SIAN ROSES have embraced corporate social responsibility in our strategic plan . Our action and business practices are geared towards creating a positive impact on the consumer, and the larger environment that we operate in. Our goal is to emerge as responsible and proactive members of the wider community.

This we do in partnership with our partners who share in the same vision as us in as far as corporate social responsibility is concerned. APH SVENKA AB in Sweden have partnered with SIAN in supporting the neighbouring ENKASITI PRIMARY SCHOOL that is near our Maasai Flowers. As seen in the photos below during one of the tree planting events.


New Variety: Julishka

Julishka is an apricot/orange colored rose that will add spice to any floral arrangement. It is a rose that has appeal for both weddings and general floristry work.

Julishka is now in production at Agriflora and Maasai Flowers. Please get in touch with the sales team to place an order for this variety.

Meet the Sian Roses Team

The story behind our great success in producing high quality Roses and Calla lilies lies in a dynamic and innovative team at Sian Roses.

Sian Roses is the leading Kenyan producer of high quality Roses and Zantedeschia Calla Lilies. The group of three flower farms, all located in Kenya, produces a wide variety of cut flowers, both roses and calla lilies of the highest quality. @SianRosesKE
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