About Agriflora Kenya Limited - Nakuru

Agriflora Kenya Limited - Nakuru

Agriflora Kenya Ltd is one of the Sian Roses farms and is situated in Njoro, 20km west of Nakuru town at an altitude of 2,150m above the sea level. The farm was established in 1995 and has consistently been growing and exporting roses.

Sian has embraced biological controls as part of the integrated pest management strategy

This entails the use of insects called Phytoseiulus persimilis, a highly successful biological control agent for control of spider mites in greenhouses.

The process has helped in the reduction of environmental and economic risks by the promoting low-cost pest managements as a result of reduced use of chemicals and fertilizers, thus makes it an ecologically friendly option.

Agriflora Kenya Location:

Agriflora Kenya Location


Agriflora Kenya Limited

P.O. Box 16533 - 20100 Nakuru

Tel 1: +254 50 50 706

Tel 2: +254 20 23932 263

Cell: +254 723 159 619

Bio-Tech Culture Lab Unit

We are proud to host a fully-fledged tissue culture laboratory that produces tissue culture plants.

Bio-Tech Culture Lab Unit